Above Their Station. Image shows from L to R: PCSO Kelly Eve (Ashley Madekwe), PCSO Perry Benson (Rhys Thomas), PCSO Len Orbison (Luke Gell). Copyright: Granada Productions.

Above Their Station

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Edinburgh policewomen Sally Bobbins and Sally Frank are, at best, exceedingly incompetent.


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Police sitcom about fastidious Inspector Raymond Fowler, his array of uniformed officers, and the oafish CID Inspector Grim.


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TV version of the Radio 4 phone-in satire show Down The Line. Clueless DJ Gary Bellamy is let out of the studio to meet people face-to-face.


Scot Squad

Semi-improvised documentary spoof following the Scottish police force.


Hobby Bobbies

Radio 4 sitcom about community policing. Written by Dave Lamb and starring Richie Webb and Nick Walker.


Top Coppers

Action comedy spoofing police detective shows. John Kearns and Steen Raskopoulos star as Mick Rust and John Mahogany.


The Fuzz

Sitcom about the misadventures of a team of policemen in a quiet station.