Clare In The Community. Copyright: BBC.

Clare In The Community

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a social worker. 73 episodes (12 series), 2004 - 2019. Stars Sally Phillips, Alex Lowe, Nina Conti, Richard Lumsden and others.

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Series 1 (2004)

Series 1 follows Clare as she trains student Megan to become a professional social worker. It also reveals the beginnings of the early snags in Clare and Brain's not-so-stable relationship.

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Series 2 (2005)

Series 2 illustrates Brian trying to strengthen his relationship with Clare, as he attempts to propose... but when the opportunity arrives, the situation suddenly turns dire. Clare gets a chance to prove her professionalism as she is interviewed for Woman's Hour and Megan, now a professional social worker, is expecting her first child.

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Series 3 (2006 - 2007)

Series 3 is set a year later, with Megan handling life as a single mother and looking after her daughter Brenda. Now living in Simon's flat, Clare and Brian's relationship starts to break apart and Brian suggests couple counselling, but Clare is convinced they don't need any.

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Series 4 (2008)

Series 4 depicts Clare and Brian's crumbling relationship as they finally agree to seek out couple counselling. Irene reveals an unexpected secret, and Ray has found someone who has agreed to marry him.

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Series 5 (2009)

Series 5 sees Clare and Brian with their first child, Thomas, and the introduction of the nanny, Nali. The Family Centre is also in trouble.

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Series 6 (2010)

Clare is now acting team leader as Irene has job swapped. And while Irene is in Melbourne, the team are joined by her Aussie counterpart Libby.

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Series 7 (2011)

Will the Sparrowhawk Family Centre survive the Big Society? And, at home, will Clare and Brian's relationship survive his infidelity?

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Series 8 (2013)

Series 8 sees Clare and her colleagues moving offices and having to embrace hot desking. Meanwhile Nali has been sacked so Brian and Clare are struggling with childcare for their son Thomas.

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Series 9 (2014)

Series 9 starts with Clare mysteriously fleeing her honeymoon. Clare and Brian are still living in the same house... but they are separated.

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Series 10 (2015)

In this series a family funeral reveals some uncomfortable home truths for Clare, and The Sparrowhawk team hold a leaving do and take the opportunity to reminisce.

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Series 11 (2016)

There's more problems for Clare in Series 11, as she gets involved in a seaside trip, Disability Awareness Day and couples counselling sessions.

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Series 12 (2019)

Clare returns for her final series. At the Sparrowhawk Family Centre, Clare's feeling the pressure - her clients are as awkward as ever, new student Cilla still needs her unique brand of mentoring, and Mrs Singh continues to be a thorn in her side. And back at home, there are problems and surprises in store. Can she finally crack work and family life, and get her rocky relationship with Brian back on track - or does fate have other ideas?

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