Anil Desai.

Anil Desai is an actor and stand-up comedian.


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Year Production Role
2019 V.I.P R.I.P Ensemble Actor
2018 The Imitation Game
  1. Special - Highlights Special
  2. E3 - Episode Three
2018 Animal TV James Cod-don
2015 The Big Charity Gala Self
2015 Anil Desai Presents: Impress Yourself Self
2015 Anil Desai - Impressions of a Hindude Self
2014 Asian Network Comedy
  1. E1 - Live in London 2014
2014 Anil Desai: Not Indian Enough Self
2014 Anil Desai's Last Night at the Movies Self
2014 Mission Improbable - Series 2 Ensemble Actor
2014 Making The Best Of It
  1. E1 - Shock Jock
2013 Anil Desai's Another Night at the Movies Self
2011 Anil Desai... Self
2011 The Leicester Comedy Festival
  1. E6 - The Leicester Comedy Festival 2011
2010 Curiosity Killed The Cabaret Self
2010 Anil Desai: Hey, Impressions Guy! Self
2010 Curiosity Killed The Cabaret Self
2000 Barbara - Series 2
  1. E6 - Fox
1998 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 1 Ensemble Actor

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