Episode 2.5 - The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

Will is asked to co-ordinate the school's Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. The boys end up helping out in a local retirement home.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Will is asked to co-ordinate the school's Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, and immediately uses it as an opportunity to try and snare an older university student, by helping her out at the local retirement home. The other boys help out, except for Simon, who has problems of his own: his mum and dad have separated.

First Broadcast Details

Thu 30th April 2009
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sun 20th Dec 2015 (1:10am, E4)
  • Mon 28th Dec 2015 (1:55am, C4)
  • Sun 17th Jan 2016 (12:40am, E4)
  • Mon 18th Jan 2016 (12:05am, E4)

Episode 2.5 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Simon Bird (I) ... Will Mackenzie
Joe Thomas ... Simon Cooper
James Buckley ... Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison ... Neil Sutherland
Robin Weaver ... Pamela Cooper (Simon's Mum)
Martin Trenaman ... Alan Cooper (Simon's Dad)
Greg Davies ... Mr Gilbert
Guest Cast
Dominic Applewhite ... Andrew Cooper (Simon's Brother)
Colin Spaull ... Roy
Catherine Steadman ... Daisy
Marie Sutherland ... Phyllis (Old Lady)
Rita Davies ... Old Lady
Christopher Young ... Old Lady's Son
Writing Team
Damon Beesley ... Writer
Iain Morris ... Writer
Robert Popper ... Script Editor
Production Team
Ben Palmer ... Director
Christopher Young ... Producer
Damon Beesley ... Exec Producer
Iain Morris ... Exec Producer
Richard Drew ... Production Design
William Webb ... Editor
Charlie Fawcett ... Editor

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