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James Buckley says you couldn't pay him to play Jay in The Inbetweeners again

James Buckley has said that "there's not enough money in the world" to convince him to return to The Inbetweeners.

Isobel Lewis, The Independent, 14th January 2022

Blake Harrison interview

The actor is known for starring in the hit Brit show The Inbetweeners but now he avoids being the 'dumb Cockney in a comedy' at all costs. As his new play opens in London, he talks to Isobel Lewis about whether Neil and co have aged well and how he's moved on with the help of MMA fighters.

Isobel Lewis, The Independent, 10th October 2021

Why are male adolescents turned into whipping boys?

Ed Cumming looks back at the cultural impact of The Inbetweeners, a show that never took teenage boyhood seriously, and explores why Liam Williams's new show is such a refreshing change.

Ed Cumming, The Independent, 16th August 2021

Inbetweeners stars to reunite at Comic Con

Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas and James Buckley have agreed to a joint appearance at Comic Con in November.

The Sun, 30th May 2021

Inbetweeners car goes for £15,000

At the same sale at East Bristol Auctions, one of Tommy Cooper's original fezzes sold for £4,000.

Chortle, 29th May 2021

Inbetweeners car up for auction

The Inbetweeners yellow Fiat, complete with mismatched red door, is going up for sale at auction.

Lad Bible, 19th May 2021

Blake Harrison: stop calling people 'bus wankers'

The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison has expressed discomfort with the use of some of the show's foul-mouthed catchphrases among fans.

Louis Chilton, The Independent, 7th April 2021

Simon Bird: "My career depends on escaping Will"

His early work defined a generation, but the briefcase-toting Rudge Park graduate is focused firmly on the future. He tells us why directing is more his bag now.

James McMahon, NME, 28th January 2021

How we made The Inbetweeners

Joe Thomas: "They offered me a prosthetic testicle for the fashion show scene but I thought, what's the point? I was hardly going to claw back any dignity."

Rich Pelley, The Guardian, 9th November 2020

Disability need not be a punchline

British television and British humour are two worlds that go hand in hand. British comedy television contains many representations of various groups, but disability often meets comedy at an intersection where disabled people sit at the butt of cheap jokes: from the severely sight impaired American cartoon character Mr Magoo to the use of mental health problems for comedic gain in Peep Show.

Bethany Dawson and Tobias Soar, Black on White TV, 9th July 2020

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