Episode 1.4

Will pulls the most popular girl in the year above. However he becomes so obsessed with her that he ends up alienating his hard won new friends.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Will finds out that going to a mixed sex school isn't too bad after all as he pulls Charlotte Hinchcliffe, the most popular girl in the year above. She's fit and according to rumour, sexually precocious. He becomes so obsessed with Charlotte and ends up alienating his hard won new friends by spending all his time and energy on her.

Simon had been getting close to Will and now finds himself hanging out more with Jay and Neil, his old friends who he may well be outgrowing. Neil has his sights set on the school's 'blind date' competition to pull, and Jay bumps into an old friend from when he had trials at West Ham with that never really happened.

First Broadcast Details

Thu 15th May 2008
30 minutes

Main Repeats

Note: Any repeats of this episode broadcast before 2009 are not shown
  • Sun 3rd Jan 2016 (1:55am, E4)
  • Sun 3rd Jan 2016 (11:40pm, E4)
  • Sun 21st Feb 2016 (2:40am, E4)
  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016 (12:35am, E4)

Episode 1.4 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Simon Bird (I) ... Will Mackenzie
Joe Thomas ... Simon Cooper
James Buckley ... Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison ... Neil Sutherland
Belinda Stewart-Wilson ... Polly McKenzie (Will's Mum)
Martin Trenaman ... Alan Cooper (Simon's Dad)
Greg Davies ... Mr Gilbert
Henry Lloyd-Hughes ... Mark Donovan
Emily Atack ... Charlotte Hinchcliffe
Guest Cast
Anabel Barnston ... Susie
John Seaward ... Big John (Geeky Kid)
Luke Norris ... Jay's Football Friend
Anjili Mohindra ... Charlotte's Friend
Writing Team
Damon Beesley ... Writer
Iain Morris ... Writer
Robert Popper ... Script Editor
Production Team
Gordon Anderson ... Director
Christopher Young ... Producer
Richard Drew ... Production Design
Billy Sneddon ... Editor
William Webb ... Editor

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