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Birds Of A Feather

Returns for a new series on Friday 26th December.  Episode Details

Sitcom about a pair of mis-matched sisters and their glamorous friend, who all live together in Essex

1989 - 2015  (ITV / BBC One)
118 (11 series)
Linda Robson, Pauline Quirke, Lesley Joseph, David Cardy, Peter Polycarpou, Alun Lewis, Douglas McFerran, Simon Nash, Matthew Savage, Matt Willis, Samuel James
Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran, Gary Lawson, John Phelps
Alomo Productions

Tracey and Sharon may be sisters, but they live very different lives. Tracey has a luxurious mansion with indoor swimming pool in leafy Essex, whilst Sharon resides in a grubby high-rise council flat in Edmonton. But when their husbands, Darryl and Chris, are convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison, the sisters are forced to live together. They become good - if not begrudging - friends with next-door-neighbour Dorien, whose hobby is cheating on her husband with much younger men. Together, Sharon and Tracey must face the dramas, tragedies, stresses and strains of keeping up with the world, without their husbands to support them.

The new version of the show - launched in 2014 - saw Sharon, Tracey and Dorien all facing financial troubles. As a result, they're all living together in Chigwell, along with Tracy's sons Garth and Travis, plus Garth's Australian girlfriend Marcie and her daughter Poppy.