Zapped. Image shows from L to R: Steg (Kenneth Collard), Herman (Louis Emerick), Brian (James Buckley), Barbara (Sharon Rooney), Howell (Paul Kaye)


  • TV sitcom
  • Dave
  • 2016 - 2018
  • 15 episodes (3 series)

Fantasy comedy series about a man abruptly transported to a parallel world. Stars James Buckley, Paul Kaye, Sharon Rooney, Kenneth Collard, Louis Emerick and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3 - Mr Wuffles

Zapped. Image shows from L to R: Herman (Louis Emerick), Howell (Paul Kaye), Henchwoman (Haruka Abe), Slasher Morgan (Sally Phillips), Brian (James Buckley), Barbara (Sharon Rooney)
With the amulet seemingly out of reach, a new opportunity to get home comes Brian's way...

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With the amulet seemingly out of reach, a new opportunity to get home comes Brian's way when a fire sprite unexpectedly grants him a wish. But things get complicated when he meets a woman called Effandra. She seems perfect in every way, except for the fact she keeps a bizarre pet: an unhealthy cross between a chicken and piranha called a throck.

Soon Brian is caught in the jaws of a dilemma - should he go home, back to his mundane life in data marketing, or should he stay in Munty where, for the very first time, a woman thinks he's cool and interesting? He's got just 24 hours to reach a decision...

Broadcast details

Thursday 27th October 2016
40 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 28th October 2016 12:20am Dave
Saturday 29th October 2016 10:40pm Dave
Tuesday 1st November 2016 11:00pm Dave
Saturday 24th June 2017 8:20pm Dave
Wednesday 4th October 2017 10:40pm Dave
Thursday 11th October 2018 1:00am Dave
Saturday 26th October 2019 2:45am Dave
Thursday 31st October 2019 3:00am Dave
Saturday 15th February 2020 2:55am Dave
Thursday 15th October 2020 3:15am Dave

Cast & crew

James Buckley Brian
Paul Kaye Howell
Sharon Rooney Barbara
Kenneth Collard Steg
Louis Emerick Herman
Ricky Grover Hawthorn
Sally Phillips Slasher Morgan
Tony Way Chestnut
Guest cast
Haruka Abe Henchwoman
Mark Evans Peter Pears (Stall Holder)
Miranda Hennessy Effandra
Tim FitzHigham Musician
Writing team
Dan Gaster Writer
Will Ing Writer
Paul Powell Writer
Production team
Dave Lambert Director
Kerry Waddell Producer
Steve Coogan Executive Producer
Simon Lupton Executive Producer
Paul Powell Executive Producer
Will Ing Associate Producer
James Buckley Associate Producer
Dan Gaster Associate Producer
Joe Fraser Editor
David Ferris Production Designer
Kevin Riddle Casting Director
Howard Burden Costume Designer
Pete Rowe Director of Photography
Sallie Adams Make-up Designer
Martin Hawkins Director of Photography
Dan Gibling 1st Assistant Director


Brian says the nicest things

Brian meets up with a girl.

Featuring: James Buckley (Brian), Miranda Hennessy (Effandra) & Tim FitzHigham (Musician).

The Magical Item Retreival

The team are in the pub.

Featuring: James Buckley (Brian), Louis Emerick (Herman), Sharon Rooney (Barbara), Kenneth Collard (Steg) & Paul Kaye (Howell).

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