Zapped. Image shows from L to R: Steg (Kenneth Collard), Herman (Louis Emerick), Brian (James Buckley), Barbara (Sharon Rooney), Howell (Paul Kaye).


Dave sitcom set in a parallel world. 15 episodes (3 series), 2016 - 2018. Stars James Buckley, Paul Kaye, Sharon Rooney, Kenneth Collard and others.

Series 1

Zapped. Brian (James Buckley).

1. Mr Weaver

First broadcast: Thursday 13th October 2016

Brian is accidentally transported to Munty by a magical amulet, but before he can use it to get home, it falls into the hands of a criminal mastermind.

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Zapped. Brian (James Buckley).

2. Mr Charisma

First broadcast: Thursday 20th October 2016

Brian has lost the amulet. Meanwhile Howell has concocted a potent charisma potion that can charm people into giving you whatever you want.

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Zapped. Image shows from L to R: Effandra (Miranda Hennessy), Brian (James Buckley).

3. Mr Wuffles

First broadcast: Thursday 27th October 2016

With the amulet seemingly out of reach, a new opportunity to get home comes Brian's way...

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