The Mighty Boosh. Image shows from L to R: Vince Noir (Noel Fielding), Howard Moon (Julian Barratt). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.

The Mighty Boosh

BBC Three sitcom about two Zoo Keepers. 21 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2003 - 2007. Stars Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Michael Fielding and Dave Brown.

Press Clippings

Julian Barratt wants to do Boosh reunion show

The Mighty Boosh star and co-creator Julian Barratt is keen for a reunion show.

Ella Kemp, NME, 20th October 2020

Netflix censors comedy shows, solves police brutality

Apparently cancelling The League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh was the key to solving racism all along.

Spiked, 11th June 2020

TLOG & Boosh stay on BBC iPlayer after Netflix removal

The League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh are to remain on the BBC iPlayer despite being removed from Netflix amid objections about the use of blackface.

BBC, 11th June 2020

Little Britain removed from streaming platforms

Hit BBC Three sketch show Little Britain has been removed from many streaming platforms, reportedly due to its use of cross-dressing and portrayals of ethnic minorities.

British Comedy Guide, 9th June 2020

Noel Fielding teases return of The Mighty Boosh

Noel Fielding has hinted there will be more of The Mighty Boosh in the new decade.

Charlotte Krol, NME, 3rd January 2020

10 underrated British comedies on Netflix

Check them out next time you're Netflix-surfing!

Leah Flavell, Screen Rant, 14th October 2019

The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century

The Thick Of It is the highest rated British comedy in fourth place. Also listed: The Office (6), Fleabag (8), Peep Show (9), Nighty Night (16), Black Mirror (23), Spaced (29), Catastrophe (34), Brass Eye (37), Detectorists (38), Nathan Barley (47), Black Books (53), Inside No. 9 (66), Shameless (70), The Inbetweeners (74), Gavin and Stacey (81), Fresh Meat (86), Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (92), The Trip (95) and The Mighty Boosh (98).

The Guardian, 16th September 2019

How the Edinburgh Fringe transformed TV comedy

As the Edinburgh Fringe begins again, we examine how the festival spawned shows like Taskmaster, Fleabag, and The League Of Gentlemen...

Mark Harrison, Den Of Geek, 2nd August 2019

Jumping the shark: The Mighty Boosh

Somewhere between the second and third series, the Boosh started to believe its own hype. Live shows became gigs, Fielding and Barratt living out their own rock'n'roll fantasies. The third series was - Crack Fox aside - dry, uninspired, overly slick, self-referential and smug.

Luke Holland, The Guardian, 25th March 2019

Definitive guide to British comedy since Fawlty Towers

The British are coming, and they want to invade your television. With ... laughter.

Devon Ivie, Vulture, 21st November 2018