The IT Crowd. Image shows from L to R: Moss (Richard Ayoade), Jen (Katherine Parkinson), Roy (Chris O'Dowd). Copyright: TalkbackThames
The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2006 - 2013
  • 25 episodes (4 series)

Sitcom set in a computer support department. The staff are IT geeks Roy and Moss, and their boss Jen, who knows nothing about computers. Stars Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Chris Morris, Matt Berry and Noel Fielding

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The IT Crowd - The Ultimate Boxset DVD

The Ultimate Boxset includes Versions 1.0-4.0 of the International Emmy Award-winning sitcom, as well as special finale episode The Internet Is Coming!.

They are IT: basement denizens, banished from the upper floors of Reynholm Industries by unhinged CEO Denholm Reynholm. But at least they have each other. Computer whiz Moss...

The IT Crowd - Version 1.0 DVD

Series one of The IT Crowd, which centres on the worlds of Roy, Moss and Jen who make up the IT department of Reynholm Industries. While their social betters work upstairs in fantastic surroundings, they work in a horrible dark basement underneath it all.

Extras include deleted scenes, out-takes, a...

The IT Crowd - Version 1.0 & Version 2.0 DVD

The IT Crowd, from Father Ted and Black Books writer Graham Linehan, concentrates on the bizarre and often really, really sad worlds of IT support staff Moss, Roy, and Jen; their not-at-all geeky boss.

The IT Crowd - Version 1.0 - 3.0 DVD

Computer geeks Roy and Moss and IT illiterate relationship manager Jen make up the staff of the IT Department of Reynholm Industries. Isolated from the rest of the company by working in the basement, the trio often find themselves in some kind of unusual crisis.

Contains the complete series 1...

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