Shooting Stars. Image shows from L to R: Bob Mortimer, Ulrika Jonsson, Vic Reeves. Copyright: Channel X / Pett Productions
Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

  • TV panel show
  • BBC Two / BBC Choice
  • 1993 - 2011
  • 72 episodes (8 series)

Possibly the world's barmiest, weirdest, surreal and off-the-wall panel show. Presented by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Also features Ulrika Jonsson, Mark Lamarr, Will Self, Jack Dee, Johnny Vegas and more.

Episode menu

Series 1, Episode 7

Round 1 - True or False

The round includes questions about Robert De Niro and John Major.

At the end of the round, Team A and Team B both have 3 points.

Round 2 - Clips

The clips are an advert for Cadbury's Flake and an old video about decimal currency.

Round 3 - Impressions

The impressions include Heartbeat and Elaine Paige.

Round 4 - The Dove From Above

The categories are Americans, Pop, Woman, Creatures and Situations.

David Baddiel chooses Woman and wins tonight's mystery prize - a place that doubles as a small pair of jeans.

At the end of the round, Team A have 4 points and Team B have 8 points.

Round 5 - Quickfire

The round includes questions about Parklife and Celebrity Squares.

At the end of the round, Team A have 5 points and Team B have 11 points.

The consolation prize for Team A is some car coats (coats with indicators).

Vibro-sprout Challenge

There are 10 sprouts (or rather, 9 sprouts and 1 radish) on a cricket almanac, and David Baddiel has to keep as many of the sprouts on the book as possible while he's on a vibrating platform. At the end of the 20 seconds, 2 sprouts remain.

Broadcast details

Friday 3rd November 1995
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 16th January 2015 12:25am Gold
Friday 16th January 2015 3:00am Gold
Friday 10th July 2015 12:20am Gold
Friday 10th July 2015 3:00am Gold
Friday 5th February 2016 12:30am Gold
Friday 5th February 2016 3:20am Gold
Friday 10th February 2017 3:30am Gold
Friday 24th March 2017 3:15am Gold
Thursday 6th December 2018 3:20am Gold

Cast & crew

Vic Reeves Host / Presenter
Bob Mortimer Host / Presenter
Ulrika Jonsson Team Captain
Mark Lamarr Team Captain
Matt Lucas George Dawes
Graham Skidmore Announcer
Guest cast
David Baddiel Guest
Annabel Giles Guest
Muriel Gray Guest
Paul Shane Guest
Writing team
Vic Reeves Writer
Bob Mortimer Writer
Charlie Higson (as Charles Higson) Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Mark Mylod Director
Alan Marke Producer
Charlie Higson Producer
Alan Marke Executive Producer
Mark Wybourn Editor
Gina Parr Production Designer
Jane Walker Make-up Designer
Mark Kenyon Lighting Designer
Pete Baikie Composer

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