Shooting Stars. Image shows from L to R: Bob Mortimer, Ulrika Jonsson, Vic Reeves. Copyright: Channel X / Pett Productions
Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

  • TV panel show
  • BBC Two / BBC Choice
  • 1993 - 2011
  • 72 episodes (8 series)

Possibly the world's barmiest, weirdest, surreal and off-the-wall panel show. Presented by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Also features Ulrika Jonsson, Mark Lamarr, Will Self, Jack Dee, Johnny Vegas and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Vic Reeves Host / Presenter
Bob Mortimer Host / Presenter
Ulrika Jonsson Team Captain
Mark Lamarr Team Captain (Series 1-3)
Will Self Team Captain (Series 4-5)
Jack Dee Team Captain (Series 6-8)
Johnny Vegas Regular Panellist (Series 4-5)
Matt Lucas George Dawes (Series 1-6)
Dan Skinner Angelos Epithemiou (Series 6-8)
Rhys Thomas Donald Cox, The Sweaty Fox (Voice) (Series 5)
Nico Tatarowicz Announcer (Series 6)
Graham Skidmore Announcer (Series 1-5)
Writing team
Vic Reeves Writer
Bob Mortimer Writer
Charlie Higson (as Charles Higson) Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-2)
Rhys Thomas Writer (Additional Material) (Series 4-5)
Production team
Mark Mylod Director (Series 1-2)
Richard Valentine Director (Series 4-5)
Ian Trill Director (Series 6-8)
David G. Croft Director (Series 3)
Ben Wheatley Location Director (Series 6-7)
Dave Walker Location Director (Series 8)
Alan Marke Producer (Series 1-3)
Lisa Clark Producer (Series 4-8)
Charlie Higson Producer (Series 1-3)
Alex Moody Producer (Series 8)
Alan Marke Executive Producer (Series 1-5)
Jon Plowman Executive Producer (Series 4-5)
Katie Taylor Executive Producer (Series 6)
Ruby Kuraishe Executive Producer (Series 7-8)
Charlie Phillips Editor (Series 6)
Gavin Ames Editor (Series 7-8)
Mark Wybourn Editor (Series 1-2)
Mykola Pawluk Editor (Series 3-5)
Jane Tomblin Production Designer (Series 6-8)
Gina Parr Production Designer (Series 1-3)
Alex Craig Production Designer (Series 4-5)
June Nevin Costume Designer (Series 2 & 4-8)
Pete Stephens Costume Designer (Series 8)
Verity Lewis Costume Designer (Series 2)
Rosie Cheshire Costume Designer (Series 3)
Lisa Cavalli-Green Make-up Designer (Series 3-7)
Nicola Coleman Make-up Designer (Series 7-8)
Christine Cant Make-up Designer (Series 8)
Jane Walker Make-up Designer (Series 1-2)
Annie McEwan Make-up Designer (Series 2)
James Campbell Lighting Designer (Series 3)
Martin Kempton Lighting Designer (Series 4-8)
Mark Kenyon Lighting Designer (Series 1-2)
Pete Baikie (as Peter Baikie) Composer (Series 6-8)
Dan McGrath Composer (Series 4-8)
Josh Phillips Composer (Series 6-8)
Jason McDermid Composer (Series 3)
Pete Baikie Composer (Series 1-5)
Debbie Astell Choreographer (Series 8)
Kevan Frost George Dawes Music (Series 4-5)
Vic Reeves Creator
Bob Mortimer Creator
Janice Hadlow Commissioner (Series 6-8)

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