Hugo Chegwin and Big Zuu to star in new Dave sitcom Sneakerhead

Monday 17th January 2022, 9:44am

  • Sneakerhead - a sitcom set in a sports shop - is coming to channel Dave later in 2022
  • People Just Do Nothing Star star Hugo Chegwin and Big Zuu are the lead actors in the series
  • The channel says: "Sneakerhead shines a dim but funny light on the plight of the modern-day retail worker"
Sneakerhead. Russell (Hugo Chegwin)

Channel Dave has ordered Sneakerhead, a new three-part sitcom "shining a light on young working life in Britain."
The half-hour episodes will be lead by People Just Do Nothing star Hugo Chegwin alongside TV chef and grime artist Big Zuu, in his first television acting role.

Written by BAFTA Scotland new talent writer Gillian Roger Park (The Young Offenders), the episodes will also feature Fran Mills (Harlots), Alexa Davies (Dead Pixels), Lucia Keskin (the YouTube impressionist Chi With A C) and Mark Silcox (Man Like Mobeen).

The show is described as follows: "Sneakerhead is a hilarious and contemporary workplace sitcom shining a light on young working life in Britain. Set in Peterborough, Russell (Hugo Chegwin) is one of the many longsuffering employees of Sports Depot. He is a certified sneakerhead, working there for the love of the trainers - he certainly isn't there for the money. The sitcom follows the hopeless, underpaid, demotivated but ultimately funny as hell working life of youth, cemented by camaraderie, and an ironic sense of flogging massive sports brands when they have no interest in sport."

Hugo Chegwin comments: "So excited to be doing this show with some super talented people. I feel like a competition winner!"

Big Zuu adds: "I'm very gassed to be a part of Sneakerhead and to be working with Dave again. This is a first for me, venturing into acting, so I'm really excited to get started!"

The series will be filmed by People Just Do Nothing producers Roughcut Television, with Simon Neal (Chewing Gum) as director.

Commissioner Sarah Asante says: "Sneakerhead shines a dim but funny light on the plight of the modern-day retail worker. Gillian has done a wonderful job bringing this world to life as we follow the relatable mistakes from this enterprising bunch of misfits as they navigate how to dream big with empty pockets and zero interest in the merch they're selling. Hugo is on excellent form as the laid back, unlucky in love, accidental manager and we are excited to present Big Zuu in his first network acting role as the ever hopeful, part-time entrepreneur and future millionaire, Mulenga."

Dave channel director Cherie Cunningham adds: "We're so excited to bring Sneakerhead to Dave audiences. This new comedy fully delivers on our ambition to bring the freshest and funniest comedy entertainment to our audience. Sneakerhead is relatable, authentic, full of character, and it highlights how laughter is a damn good antidote to the messiness of modern life."

Alex Smith from Roughcut Television comments: "We said we'd never work with the Kurupt FM boys again but here we are teaming up with Hugo for a proper funny, super-modern look at the world of discount sporting goods. And we've added Big Zuu for extra chaos. Our first venture with Dave, Roughcut are really excited about Sneakerhead - a brilliant cast, proper laughs, cool trainers - what's not to love..?"

Sneakerhead will air on Dave and UKTV Play later in 2022.

Hugo Chegwin will next be seen in Channel 4 comedy The Curse, whilst Big Zuu will be working on Series 3 of Big Zuu's Big Eats.

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