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Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

  • TV variety
  • BBC One
  • 2015 - 2024
  • 41 episodes (7 series)

Variety show hosted by Michael McIntyre.

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Series 5, Episode 2

Michael McIntyre's Big Show. Image shows from L to R: Michael McIntyre, Greg Rutherford, Robert Rinder, Lee Macdonald, Johnny Ball. Copyright: Hungry McBear
Emma Bunton hands over her phone to play Send To All, whilst nine-year-old Souparnika Nair is the youngest Unexpected Star to date.

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This week, Spice Girl and presenter Emma Bunton hands over her phone to play Send To All, whilst nine-year-old Souparnika Nair is the youngest Unexpected Star to date.

Judge Rinder is the first celebrity this series to face a rude awakening in The Midnight Gameshow, and breakthrough singer-songwriter Freya Ridings will also be performing her massive hit, Castles.


"Two brothers from Coventry visit a relaxing spa" were billed as this episode's dual Unexpected Stars.

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Saturday 30th November 2019
60 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Tuesday 3rd December 2019 11:40pm BBC1
Wednesday 4th December 2019 1:00am BBC1 Scot
Thursday 8th September 2022 9:00pm Comedy Central
Sunday 19th February 2023 2:05am CC Extra
Friday 24th February 2023 10:00pm CC Extra
Tuesday 26th December 2023 11:00am Comedy Central
Tuesday 26th December 2023 10:00pm CC Extra
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Wednesday 17th January 2024 9:00pm Comedy Central
Saturday 20th January 2024 2:55am CC Extra
Saturday 20th January 2024 7:00pm CC Extra

Cast & crew

Michael McIntyre Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Emma Bunton Guest
Robert Rinder Guest
Jade Jones Self
Zoe Guilford Self
Greg Rutherford Self
Johnny Ball Self
Lee Macdonald Self
Louise Redknapp Self
Souparnika Nair Self
Freya Ridings Musical Performer
Writing team
Henry Paker Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Simon Staffurth Director
Christian Fletcher Series Producer
Reshmi Bajnath Producer
Sarah Mittell Producer
Dan Baldwin Executive Producer
Kalpna Patel-Knight Executive Producer
Diego Rincon Executive Producer
Claire Nash Edit Producer
Nick Badham Line Producer
James Pratt VT Producer
Ben Bacon Senior Producer
Siobhan Lyons Senior Producer
Steve Andrews Editor
Jamie Shemeld Editor
Dominic Tolfts Production Designer
Nigel Catmur Lighting Designer
Paul Farrer Composer
Elizabeth Honan Creative Consultant


Emma Bunton plays Send To All

Emma Bunton bravely hands over her mobile phone in Send To All. Michael McIntyre gets to work rifling through her personal pics and purchases, reveals her secret crush on him, and sends an embarrassing text to her contacts!

Featuring: Michael McIntyre & Emma Bunton.


One of the highlights of this old-fashioned variety hour is the segment where Michael lets himself into a celebrity's house by night (the front door is always conveniently open) and bursts into the bedroom to play pranks on the stunned victim.

Michael would be well advised not to try this game if he ever takes his show to the U.S., since most American celebs sleep with a shotgun over the bedstead and a handgun under the pillow.

Judge Rob Rinder was the guest this time and, though he was characteristically grumpy, he didn't attempt to shoot the intruder. Oddly, he appeared to have a bullet-proof glass balustrade around the bottom of his bed, so perhaps guns give him nightmares.

The best bit of the show is still the game in which Michael borrows a celeb's phone and sends a cheeky message to all their contacts. It gets funnier every time.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 2nd December 2019

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