Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier. Jon Richardson. Copyright: Talkback
Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2018 - 2019
  • 18 episodes (2 series)

Jon Richardson attempts to analyse, assess and log every single one of his many, many worries.

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Series 1, Episode 1 - The Home

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier. Image shows from L to R: Suzi Ruffell, Jon Richardson, Josh Widdicombe. Copyright: Talkback
Jon is joined by Josh Widdicombe and Suzi Ruffell to address worries around the home - are people sleeping badly? Is it possible to be bored? Are people loading their dishwashers incorrectly? They won't solve anything, but they will rank them according to severity in a nice tiered system which helps Jon's nerves.

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Wednesday 16th May 2018
60 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Thursday 17th May 2018 8:00pm Dave
Monday 21st May 2018 11:00pm Dave
Monday 29th October 2018 10:00pm Dave
Sunday 18th November 2018 10:00pm Dave
Monday 19th November 2018 3:05am Dave
Wednesday 10th April 2019 11:00pm Dave
Sunday 2nd June 2019 10:00pm Dave
Tuesday 3rd March 2020 1:20am Dave
Sunday 5th July 2020 1:40am Dave
Monday 14th September 2020 8:00pm Dave
Thursday 17th June 2021 2:25am Dave

Cast & crew

Jon Richardson Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Josh Widdicombe Guest
Suzi Ruffell Guest
Simon Durrant Self
Richard Gadd Self
Writing team
Lloyd Langford Writer
Henry Paker Writer
Richard Gadd Writer
Production team
Toby Baker Director
Ainsley Cannon DV Director
Tom Corrigan Series Producer
David Maguire Producer
Jonno Richards Executive Producer
Kate Edmunds Executive Producer
Iain Coyle Executive Producer
Sarah Mills Edit Producer
Tommy Forbes VT Producer/Director
Juliet Morrish Studio Producer
Michael Marden Editor
Phil Lepherd Editor
Joshua Grace Production Designer
Marcia Stanton Costume Designer
Kit Hall Make-up Designer
Nick Collier Lighting Designer


Sleep Recordings

Jon Richardson discusses sleep app recordings, and alongside guests Josh Widdicombe and Suzi Ruffell listens in to some of the best.

Featuring: Jon Richardson, Josh Widdicombe & Suzi Ruffell.


Ultimate Worrier (Dave channel) is stand-up comedian Jon Richardson's attempt to spin a panel game out of life's little niggles.

Guests Suzi Ruffell and Josh Widdicombe joined him to fuss over trivial anxieties: how do cats cope with being bullied by bigger pets, is it possible to own too many underpants, and can creepy toys bought on holiday really be possessed by evil spirits?

Panel shows about nonsense work best when there's an element of competition, and that is lacking here. Jon encouraged his guests to rank their worries as red, amber or soothing green - but really, who cares?

The one segment that concerned me was about dishwashers. Jon claimed he frets when plates and cutlery are loaded incorrectly.

But he urged viewers to arrange the knives and forks with their points upwards. That's lethal -- if you slip while the dishwasher door is open, you'll end up like a pincushion. Now there's a real worry.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 17th May 2018

A new series in which the fretful comedian indulges his litany of anxieties. His concerns are manifold (from haunted puppets to sleep talking) and, joined by fellow comics Suzi Ruffell and Josh Widdicombe, he hopes to discuss and therefore exorcise some of them.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 16th May 2018

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier preview

Overall, it's an entertaining passer of time, which is all that a panel show really needs to be, but with an extra edge thanks to Richardson's proud fastidiousness. He's a man on a mission to ensure every dishwasher is correctly loaded, and he's going to use this nationwide TV platform to preach that gospel.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 16th May 2018

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