Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier. Jon Richardson. Copyright: Talkback
Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2018 - 2019
  • 18 episodes (2 series)

Jon Richardson attempts to analyse, assess and log every single one of his many, many worries.

Video clips

Jon Richardson and Matt Forde use face app

The panel have some fun with a face app and see what they look like older, younger and as the opposite sex.

Josh Widdicombe's feet

Josh Widdicombe and Jon Robbins try out some different social greetings, including touching each others feet. But Josh Widdicombe doesn't want to get his feet out. Find out why...

Guess The Hand Dryer

Jon Richardson takes his OCD to the next level by attempting to identify the make of different hand dryers whilst blindfolded, guided by Josh Widdicombe. How does he do?

Pelted with recycling by Wife Lucy Beaumont

Jon Richardson tries to show his wife and fellow comedian, Lucy Beaumont, that recycling can be fun. But it's comedians Jamali Maddix and Angela Barnes that really get in to the game!

Fruit Smash

Lou Sanders and Ed Gamble smash up some fruit (in a controlled environment) while Rob Beckett runs for cover.

Rob Beckett ASMR Eating

Rob Beckett attempts ASMR eating pickles and popping candy for Jon Richardson and his guests.

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