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Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2018 - 2019
  • 18 episodes (2 series)

Jon Richardson attempts to analyse, assess and log every single one of his many, many worries.

Press clippings

Viewers upset over censorship of Ultimate Worrier

Fans have expressed their frustration that many four-letter words were obscured in Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier when it returned to Dave last night. The show aired after the 10pm watershed - and immediately after Taskmaster, which did not have its language censored.

Chortle, 4th July 2019

This whimsical show, built in the neurotic but sharp-witted image of its host, returns for a second series. Given that Richardson has made a career out of being a fusspot, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that the format has been tweaked. The panel discussing their anxieties has expanded from two to three - kicking off with Joe Wilkinson, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and, bravely, Richardson's wife, Lucy Beaumont - and there is a new "Worry Lab" area to allow for extra slapstick.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 3rd July 2019

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier to return in 2019

Channel Dave has ordered 10 more episodes of Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier. Series 2 will be shown in 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 19th December 2018

Ultimate Worrier (Dave channel) is stand-up comedian Jon Richardson's attempt to spin a panel game out of life's little niggles.

Guests Suzi Ruffell and Josh Widdicombe joined him to fuss over trivial anxieties: how do cats cope with being bullied by bigger pets, is it possible to own too many underpants, and can creepy toys bought on holiday really be possessed by evil spirits?

Panel shows about nonsense work best when there's an element of competition, and that is lacking here. Jon encouraged his guests to rank their worries as red, amber or soothing green - but really, who cares?

The one segment that concerned me was about dishwashers. Jon claimed he frets when plates and cutlery are loaded incorrectly.

But he urged viewers to arrange the knives and forks with their points upwards. That's lethal -- if you slip while the dishwasher door is open, you'll end up like a pincushion. Now there's a real worry.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 17th May 2018

A new series in which the fretful comedian indulges his litany of anxieties. His concerns are manifold (from haunted puppets to sleep talking) and, joined by fellow comics Suzi Ruffell and Josh Widdicombe, he hopes to discuss and therefore exorcise some of them.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 16th May 2018

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier preview

Overall, it's an entertaining passer of time, which is all that a panel show really needs to be, but with an extra edge thanks to Richardson's proud fastidiousness. He's a man on a mission to ensure every dishwasher is correctly loaded, and he's going to use this nationwide TV platform to preach that gospel.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 16th May 2018

What does Jon Richardson worry about?

Answer: everything. But, as the stand-up explains to, it's mainly the dishwasher...

Frances Taylor, Radio Times, 16th May 2018

Preview - Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

It's basically Room 101 but for topics that worry/bother you rather than things that boil your piss.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 9th May 2018

Jon Richardson to host a new show about his worries

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier will see stand-up comic Richardson attempt to analyse and log his many worries for Dave.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd January 2018

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