Happy Ever After. Image shows from L to R: June Fletcher (June Whitfield), Terry Fletcher (Terry Scott). Copyright: BBC.

Happy Ever After

BBC One sitcom about a middle-aged couple. 41 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1974 - 1979. Stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield and Beryl Cooke.

Series 2

1. A Country Cottage

First broadcast: Thursday 8th January 1976

Terry wants to get away from it all and live in the country but June wisely suggests a holiday in a rented cottage first - just in case.


2. Old Folks' Party

First broadcast: Thursday 15th January 1976

A visit from daughter Debbie leaves Terry and June feeling they don't do enough to help others less fortunate. So they offer to entertain some senior citizens for the evening.


3. Lucy's Premium Bond

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd January 1976

Aunt Lucy has received a letter from 'someone called Ernest' - Terry sees a golden future...


4. Telemania

First broadcast: Thursday 29th January 1976

"Me, a television addict? Nonsense!" says Terry. But June produces dramatic proof - and a cure.


5. Terry In Court

First broadcast: Thursday 5th February 1976

The Law says you can conduct your own defence. But then they didn't know Terry - did they?


6. The Flower Show

First broadcast: Thursday 12th February 1976

Disaster strikes as the local flower show approaches. But you can always rely on neighbourly love - especially when they are away!


7. June's Day In Bed

First broadcast: Thursday 19th February 1976

"A woman's work is never done"? Terry tries to prove otherwise when June decides to spend a whole day in bed.


8. Frank's Return

First broadcast: Thursday 26th February 1976

Great news! Son Frank is coming home on leave from Hong Kong, bringing his Chinese fiancée. But which gap will be wider; the generational or the cultural one?


9. Filming The Fletchers

First broadcast: Thursday 4th March 1976

Would you allow a film unit in your home to record your lifestyle? Terry finds it's not easy just being yourself - especially if you're Terry!


10. Terry The Author

First broadcast: Thursday 11th March 1976

To write a best-seller Terry feels he needs more experience of the Permissive Society. But June has a word to say about that - No!


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