Happy Ever After. Image shows from L to R: June Fletcher (June Whitfield), Terry Fletcher (Terry Scott). Copyright: BBC.

Happy Ever After

BBC One sitcom about a middle-aged couple. 41 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1974 - 1979. Stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield and Beryl Cooke.

Series 1

1. The Hotel

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th July 1974

When you start on a voyage of rediscovery after 25 years of married life, there are all sorts of pitfalls. Reds under the bed, chocolate liqueurs, a second honeymoon...


2. Terry's Church Sermon

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st July 1974

When the Vicar calls about the Jumble, it's not just rubbish that he collects - there's a Lesson in it for him as well.


3. Amateur Dramatics

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th August 1974

June is having a meeting of her theatrical group in the living room and a reluctant Terry is persuaded to take the minor role of Comrade Petrovich by the attractive leading lady - Princess Tania!


4. The French Businessman

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th August 1974

Terry tries to become European when he entertains Jean-Paul, a work colleague from France. But his effect on June makes Terry feel less of the entente cordiale and more of the green-eyed monster.


5. Keeping Fit!

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st August 1974

Terry complains of feeling unwell and June wonders if it has anything to do with him talking to the petunias in the garden earlier in the day. He decides to cut out fatty meals and prescribes himself diet and exercise.


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