Duck Quacks Don't Echo. Lee Mack. Copyright: Magnum Media
Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Duck Quacks Don't Echo

  • TV panel show
  • Sky One
  • 2014 - 2017
  • 41 episodes (6 series)

Entertainment show hosted by Lee Mack, comprising amazing facts and trivia, and celebrities testing their veracity. Also features Simon Foster, Emily Grossman, David Wharton, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and John Sergeant

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Series 1, Episode 1

Let the games begin as funnyman Dara O Briain, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm and Stella herself, Ruth Jones, join Lee Mack.

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Duck Quacks Don't Echo. Lee Mack. Copyright: Magnum Media

Lee Mack and a flock of celebrity guests are about to find out the answers to a whole host of questions in the riotous panel show that test-runs random bits of trivia and the world's wackiest facts by whatever means necessary.

Let the games begin in this first episode as funnyman Dara O Briain, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm and Stella herself, Ruth Jones, stop by the studio to try to unearth the niftiest nuggets of information.

Subjects range from the persuasive powers of touching someone's upper arm to nipple alignment, before Mel C gamely steps up to prove you can stick a fully grown adult to the ceiling using household superglue. Do not try this at home.

Broadcast details

Friday 7th February 2014
Sky One
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 9th February 2014 7:30pm Sky1
Wednesday 12th February 2014 10:00pm Sky1
Wednesday 5th March 2014 8:00pm Sky1
Tuesday 5th May 2015 1:10am Challenge
Friday 10th July 2015 8:00pm Sky2
Thursday 16th July 2015 10:00pm Sky2
Sunday 2nd August 2015 5:35am Challenge
Monday 17th August 2015 3:30pm Sky2
Tuesday 18th August 2015 3:00pm Sky2
Wednesday 21st October 2015 10:00pm Sky2
Monday 26th October 2015 4:00pm Sky2
Friday 13th November 2015 10:00pm Sky1
Friday 20th November 2015 10:00pm Sky1
Tuesday 22nd December 2015 12:00am Sky1
Thursday 7th January 2016 7:00am Sky2
Thursday 7th January 2016 12:00pm Sky2
Sunday 10th January 2016 1:30am Sky1
Sunday 24th January 2016 1:00pm Sky1
Thursday 4th February 2016 9:00am Sky2
Thursday 4th February 2016 5:00pm Sky2
Saturday 6th February 2016 2:00pm Sky2
Sunday 7th February 2016 11:00am Sky2
Saturday 13th February 2016 12:30pm Sky1
Monday 15th February 2016 9:00am Sky2
Monday 15th February 2016 2:00pm Sky2
Saturday 5th March 2016 8:30am Sky1
Sunday 9th October 2016 12:30pm Sky1
Thursday 5th January 2017 8:00pm Sky1
Friday 31st March 2017 12:00am Sky1
Saturday 8th July 2017 6:00am Sky1
Sunday 23rd July 2017 3:30pm Sky1
Sunday 17th September 2017 7:00am Sky1
Thursday 23rd November 2017 10:45pm Sky2
Thursday 30th November 2017 3:40am Sky2
Wednesday 3rd January 2018 8:00pm Sky2
Tuesday 9th January 2018 11:00pm Sky2
Sunday 14th January 2018 8:00pm Sky2
Friday 6th April 2018 10:30pm Sky2
Sunday 8th April 2018 1:00am Sky1
Wednesday 2nd May 2018 3:00am Sky1
Saturday 16th June 2018 9:00pm Sky1
Tuesday 31st July 2018 3:00am Sky1
Monday 20th August 2018 1:00am Sky2
Monday 5th November 2018 4:00am Sky2
Saturday 24th November 2018 2:30pm Sky1
Friday 21st December 2018 5:30am Sky2
Saturday 5th January 2019 12:30pm Sky1
Monday 14th January 2019 4:00am Sky2
Wednesday 23rd January 2019 9:00am Sky2
Monday 4th February 2019 3:00am Sky2
Wednesday 6th February 2019 4:00am Sky2
Wednesday 20th February 2019 4:00am Sky2
Sunday 24th February 2019 8:00am Sky1
Thursday 21st March 2019 2:30am Sky1
Wednesday 24th July 2019 3:00am Sky2
Monday 29th July 2019 3:00am Sky2
Thursday 7th November 2019 2:30am Sky2
Monday 11th November 2019 4:00am Sky2
Tuesday 3rd March 2020 3:00am Sky2
Tuesday 7th July 2020 2:00am Sky2
Saturday 15th August 2020 2:00am Sky2

Cast & crew

Lee Mack Host / Presenter
Simon Foster (as Dr Simon Foster) Self
Emily Grossman (as Dr Emily Grossman) Self
David Wharton Self
John Sergeant Narrator
Guest cast
Dara O Briain Guest
Melanie Chisholm (as Melanie C) Guest
Ruth Jones Guest
Dimitrios Tsivrikos (as Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos) Self
Caroline Rix (as Dr. Caroline Rix) Self
Writing team
Andrew Bird Writer (Additional Material)
Dominic English (as Dom English) Writer (Additional Material)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material)
Neil Webster Writer (Additional Material)
Helen Younger Script Editor
Production team
Julia Knowles Director
Pete Deagle VT Director
Tom Vinnicombe VT Director
Karen Murdoch Series Producer
Reshmi Bajnath Producer
Andy Auerbach Executive Producer
Dean Nabarro Executive Producer
Chris Brogden Executive Producer
Phil Edgar-Jones (as Philip Edgar-Jones) Executive Producer
Pete Deagle VT Producer
Simone Tai Edit Producer
Becky Timothy VT Producer
Tom Vinnicombe VT Producer
Michael Marden Editor
Gareth Heal VT Editor
Hannah Barnes VT Editor
Michael Marden VT Editor
Markus Blee Production Designer


Episode 1 preview

Does dog pee glow in the dark?

Featuring: Lee Mack & Melanie C.

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