Duck Quacks Don't Echo. Lee Mack. Copyright: Magnum Media
Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Duck Quacks Don't Echo

  • TV panel show
  • Sky One
  • 2014 - 2017
  • 41 episodes (6 series)

Entertainment show hosted by Lee Mack, comprising amazing facts and trivia, and celebrities testing their veracity. Also features Simon Foster, Emily Grossman, David Wharton, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and John Sergeant

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Key cast & crew credits

Lee Mack Host / Presenter
Simon Foster (as Dr Simon Foster) Self
Emily Grossman (as Dr Emily Grossman) Self
David Wharton Self (Series 1-2)
Maggie Aderin-Pocock (as Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock) Self (Series 3-6)
John Sergeant Narrator
Writing team
Andrew Bird Writer (Additional Material)
Dominic English (as Dom English) Writer (Additional Material)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-2)
Neil Webster Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-4)
Giles Boden Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-6)
James Farmer Writer (Additional Material) (Series 5-6)
Helen Younger Script Editor (Series 1-2)
Iain Wimbush Script Editor (Series 1-2)
Production team
Julia Knowles Director
Nikki Parsons Director (Series 1 & 3-6)
Pete Deagle VT Director (Series 1-5)
Gavin O'Grady VT Director
Matt Pothecary VT Director (Series 3-6)
Andy Robinson VT Director (Series 3-4)
Matt Lamont VT Director (Series 4-6)
Karen Murdoch Series Producer (Series 1-2)
Myles Jenkins Series Producer (Series 3-4)
Adam Hutchinson Series Producer (Series 5-6)
Reshmi Bajnath Producer (Series 1-2)
Eamonn Bownes Producer (Series 1-2)
Carol Baffour-Awuah Producer (Series 3-4)
Dan McGaughey Producer (Series 3-4)
Gayani Wanigaratne Producer (Series 5-6)
Dominic Wells-Martin Producer (Series 5-6)
Andy Auerbach Executive Producer
Dean Nabarro Executive Producer
Chris Brogden Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Phil Edgar-Jones (as Philip Edgar-Jones) Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Richard Ackerman Executive Producer (Series 3-6)
Karen Murdoch Executive Producer (Series 5-6)
Pete Deagle VT Producer (Series 1-5)
Simone Tai Edit Producer (Series 1-2)
Becky Timothy VT Producer
Gavin O'Grady VT Producer
Matt Pothecary VT Producer (Series 3-6)
Andy Robinson VT Producer (Series 3-4)
Dan Whitehead VT Edit Producer (Series 3-4)
Matt Lamont VT Producer (Series 4-6)
Steven Brown VT Edit Producer (Series 5-6)
Michael Marden Editor (Series 1-4)
Steve Nayler Editor (Series 5-6)
Jon Ellis Editor (Series 5-6)
Gareth Heal VT Editor (Series 1-2)
Gavin Ames VT Editor (Series 1-2)
Dominic Bell VT Editor (Series 2-6)
Spencer Doane VT Editor (Series 3-6)
Luke Ellis VT Editor (Series 5-6)
Markus Blee Production Designer
Oli Richards Lighting Designer (Series 6)
David Bishop (as Dave Bishop) Lighting Designer (Series 6)
Phil Edgar-Jones Commissioner (Series 1-4)

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