Burnistoun. Image shows from L to R: Robert Florence, Iain Connell. Copyright: The Comedy Unit


  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Scotland / BBC One Scotland / BBC Two Scotland
  • 2009 - 2019
  • 22 episodes (3 series)

Robert Florence and Iain Connell write and star in this BBC Scotland sketch show based around the residents of a fictional town. Also features Allan Miller, Richard Rankin, Kirsty Strain, Louise Stewart, David Allan and more.

Press clippings

Burnistoun set for film return

Burnistoun is set to return, as a film focused on the characters Peter and Scott. Robert Florence and Iain Connell have confirmed to British Comedy Guide they've begun work on a feature-length spin-off of their cult sketch show.

British Comedy Guide, 8th September 2021

Robert Florence interview

Burnistoun's Robert Florence is challenging the stereotypes.

The National (Scotland), 19th March 2019

Burnistoun to return to TV

Burnistoun, the sketch show starring Iain Connell and Robert Florence, is to return to television for a new special.

British Comedy Guide, 6th November 2018

Burnistoun is back for a one-off Christmas special. I wish desperately they'd give us a new series but we'll need to content ourselves with this for now.

The sketches are all based on the theme of work and fans will be happy to know that some of the best characters are brought back tonight including the "Up the road noo!" cranks. They get the chance to complain and howl about the fancy show-offs with their iPads and laptops who hold loud business meetings in cafes.

The Quality Polis also make an appearance, being called into a primary school to give a talk to the children in the hope of setting them on the straight and narrow. What could possibly go wrong? They're quality polis after all. And Jolly Boy John has a phone interview which might win him a job with the Wee Chocolate Banana Company. Get real!

Julie McDowall, The National (Scotland), 28th December 2016

Scottish sketch show Burnistoun to return to TV

Burnistoun, the BBC Scotland sketch show starring Robert Florence and Iain Connell, is to return to television.

British Comedy Guide, 11th October 2016

Burnistoun duo return with new live comedy show

The creators of the hit BBC Scotland sketch show Burnistoun will debut a new live show as part of the 2016 Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

The Scotsman, 4th December 2015

Burnistoun boys land in hot water with Children In Need

Apparently you are not allowed to pepper spray Pudsey Bear.

Steve Hendry, Daily Record, 9th November 2015

It took me such a long time to write this short preview because I kept going back online to watch the show again. Every time I'd flex my fingers to write about one of the characters, I'd start laughing like a goon and would want to view the sketch again, especially the bold return of Jolly Boy John. I must have replayed that weird one about seven times... but what does it mean?

I've found that the best comedy is the stuff that has me spluttering "what does this mean?" You laugh at how utterly surreal it all is, wonder what the hell it means, then just shrug the question off and laugh regardless.

That's what happened when I watched Jolly Boy John capering around in his bedroom with toy squirrels on his shoulder and his dad's bunnet protecting his modesty, I was crying with laughter, but still asking myself "what does this mean?" I came to the conclusion that there is no answer or, at least, none that I can give. It's just deliriously funny and it's "FOR REAL!"

This is just a one-off show, called Burnistoun's Big Night. Please, BBC, make some more... for real.

Julie McDowall, The National (Scotland), 17th August 2015

Holly Jack & Louise Stewart discuss Burnistoun comeback

The actresses are in the one-off special on BBC One tomorrow night in a cast that also includes Still Game's Isa.

Steve Hendry, Daily Record, 16th August 2015

Burnistoun's back: and Florence & Connell are delighted

A winning revival of their TV characters for two live King's Theatre shows at this year's Glasgow Comedy Festival has led to three more this month and a one-off Burnistoun special.

Paul English, Daily Record, 15th August 2015

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