Blackadder. Mr. Edmund Blackadder, Esquire (Rowan Atkinson)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1983 - 2000
  • 26 episodes (4 series)

The Blackadder dynasty has run through English history since time immemorial, seemingly always hampered by a Baldrick, and often a Percy and Melchett. Stars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tim McInnerny, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and more.

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The Black Adder, Episode 2 - Born To Be King

Blackadder. Image shows left to right: Harry, Prince of Wales (Robert East), The Queen (Elspet Gray), McAngus, Duke of Argyll (Alex Norton). Credit: BBC
Having left Harry as ruling Prince Regent, King Richard is away killing Turks. Edmund is instructed to arrange entertainment for the upcoming feast of St Leonard's Day, and in the process believes he has found letters pertaining to his brother's legitimacy...

Further details

With the King off to the Crusades, Edmund attempts to discredit Prince Harry's claim to be next in line for the crown. He and Baldrick nearly succeed in casting doubt on his own legitimacy instead.


This episode was originally shown out of order, as episode 4. However, as the series is chronological, this was noticeable and it was broadcast 2nd in repeats, and issued as episode 2 on video and DVD since. We have reflected this intended 'correct' order rather than the initial broadcast.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 6th July 1983
35 minutes


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Cast & crew

Rowan Atkinson Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
Tony Robinson Baldrick
Tim McInnerny Percy
Brian Blessed King Richard IV
Robert East Harry, Prince of Wales
Elspet Gray The Queen
Patrick Allen Narrator
Guest cast
Alex Norton McAngus, Duke of Argyll
Angus Deayton Jumping Jew of Jerusalem
Joolia Cappleman Celia, Countess of Cheltenham
Martin Clarke Sir Dominick Prique of Stratford
Martin Soan 2nd Wooferoonie
Malcolm Hardee 3rd Wooferoonie
David Nunn Messenger
Writing team
Richard Curtis Writer
Rowan Atkinson Writer
William Shakespeare Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Martin Shardlow Director
John Lloyd Producer
Mike Jackson Editor
Mykola Pawluk Editor
Chris Hull Production Designer
Howard Goodall Composer


Blackadder gets an 'offensive language' warning

Fans watching the second episode of the first series on iPlayer are now greeted with the disclaimer: 'Contains discriminatory language and content that some viewers may find offensive.'

Chortle, 14th January 2021

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