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Series 4, Episode 3 - Prison

Bad Education. Image shows left to right: Stephen (Layton Williams), Warren (Ali Hadji-Heshmati)
Hoburn tries a prison experience programme at Abbey Grove to teach the kids discipline. Class K end up incarcerated with Stephen who's prepping an audition as a hardened criminal.

Further details

Mitchell devises a plan to get back into Ms Hoburn's good books, after being found guilty of encouraging Blessing to sell dodgy drinks to the kids at Abbey Grove. He enlists the help of some "ex-colleagues", Smeeks and Flinty, to set up a prison simulation experience at school, exactly the kind of punishment to cheer up the headmistress. However, Class K seem to love it and, and the plan backfires, calling for more drastic measures.

After finding themselves actually locked up in the changing rooms, Stephen, Mitchell and the kids start to buckle under the strain of incarceration. An escape plan is formed as they make a move to break out, with absolutely no help from Fraser. Catching Smeeks and Flinty red-handed trying to steal from the school, the gang scheme how they can fool Ms Hoburn, and stop Mitchell getting the blame.

Broadcast details

Sunday 29th January 2023
BBC Three
30 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Monday 30th January 2023 12:05am BBC3
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Cast & crew

Layton Williams Stephen
Charlie Wernham Mitchell
Mathew Horne Fraser
Vicki Pepperdine Hoburn
Asha Hassan Usma
Anthony J Abraham Inchez
Bobby Johnson Harrison
Laura Marcus Jinx
Ali Hadji-Heshmati Warren
Francesca Amewudah-Rivers Blessing
Guest cast
Andy Gathergood Mr Smeeks
Lloyd Griffith Flinty
Writing team
Dan Swimer Script Editor
Laura Smyth Writer
Production team
Freddy Syborn Director
Arnold Widdowson Producer
Ben Cavey Executive Producer
Jack Whitehall Executive Producer
Richard Ackerman Executive Producer
Freddy Syborn Executive Producer
Tanya Qureshi Executive Producer
Ingrid Litman Line Producer
Saima Ferdows Associate Producer
Christopher CF Chow Editor
Declan Price Production Designer
Nicky Bligh Casting Director
Chris Ferguson (as Chris Fergusson) Director of Photography
Rachael Clarke Costume Designer
Claire Woods Make-up Designer
Vince Pope Composer
Felix Hagan Composer
Alex Shaw Graphics
Charlie Elliot 1st Assistant Director

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