Sitcom Mission

Cole's Law

By: William Vandyck

Sitcom Mission 2023 finalist

Two barristers take on cases at a weekly pro-bono legal evening in a pub: Asha is an ambitious social crusader; Robert is not those things. And frankly Terry the barman is a crook.

William Vandyck

William Vandyck's writing credits include a Radio 4 sketch show And Now, In Colour that won a New York Radio Festivals Silver Award, and a TV sketch show, It's A Mad World World World World. His sitcom script was one of four winners of Pozzitive Productions' Funnydotcomp in 2022. He has also written children's books (Amazon reviews include, "Slight, but quite funny") and was "Man At Till" in a Mr Bean episode. He has mainly been a barrister, however, starting out with small cases and pro-bono work. Leaving the bar to focus on writing, his new creativity is fully on show in his sitcom Cole's Law, about barristers starting out with small cases and pro-bono work.