Classic ITV Christmas Comedy

An unmissable collection of festive episodes from all your ITV comedy favourites.

The Dustbinmen - Christmas Special
This year's Christmas tips are more than a little disappointing...

Please Sir! - And Everyone Came Too
Bernard and Penny's wedding dream turns sour.

On The Buses - Christmas Duty
Stan and Jack land Christmas Day duty in the Depot.

All This - And Christmas Too!
Sid James stars as a put-upon father in the run-up to Christmas in this one-off special.

Nearest And Dearest - Cindernellie
Eli invests the Christmas Club money in a panto.

Billy Liar - The Gift Of The Magi
Billy risks his Dad's wrath when he fancies a pair of yellow trousers for Christmas.

Two's Company - A Loving Christmas
Dorothy and Robert are planning to be away from each other this Christmas.

Stanley Baxter's Christmas Box
Stanley Baxter's Christmas Box explodes to give us a seasonal send-up with all the trimmings.

The Rag Trade - The Christmas Rush
Will the conflict between Harold and Paddy dampen the Christmas spirit?

Bless Me, Father - The Season Of Goodwill
Father Duddleswell is full of Christmas spirit.

The Army Game - Bootserella
The Army Game cast perform a Christmas panto.

George And The Dragon - Merry Christmas
George and Gabrielle's Christmas plans go awry.

My Husband And I - No Place Like Home
Nora and George are all set for sunny Spain, but things don't go quite to plan...

Only When I Laugh - Away For Christmas
Can X-Ray Figgis and the others expect Christmas cheer from Doctor Thorpe?

That's My Boy - Cold Turkey
Ida is shocked when Robert announces that he's invited his boss to Christmas dinner.

Hallelujah! - A Goose For Mrs Scratchitt
Captain Ridley tries to explain to a group of children what Christmas used to be like.

Duty Free - A Duty Free Christmas
David manages to persuade Amy to spend a Christmas holiday in Spain.

You're Only Young Twice - Twas The Night Before Christmas
Can the residents escape the reign of Flora now that Christmas has come round again?

Home To Roost - Family Ties
Henry is planning an intimate Yuletide break, but his family have other ideas.

Watching - Seasoning
Brenda, Pamela and Malcolm set out to get a Christmas tree.

First released: Monday 27th November 2006

  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 4
  • Catalogue: 7952564

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