Old Harry's Game. Image shows from L to R: Satan (Andy Hamilton), Gary (Steven O'Donnell). Copyright: BBC.

Old Harry's Game

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about Satan. 46 episodes (7 series), 1995 - 2012. Stars Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville, Steven O'Donnell and others.

Series 7

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Thursday 19th February 2009

Not only is historian Edith Barrington taking forever to write his biography, An Angel Misunderstood, but everything is thrown into confusion when a dog turns up. Animals aren't meant to end up in Hell because they're not evil, but after much licking, begging and slobbering - mainly from Scumspawn - Satan decides to keep the dog and ask God what is going on. But God has decided to go on a gap year...


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Thursday 26th February 2009

Satan needs to sort stuff out with God but God has gone off to have some 'me-time'. Then Hell receives its strangest visitor yet.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Thursday 5th March 2009

The presence of a baby in Hell is turning them all soft. As Scumspawn becomes the first demon to wear a papoose, Satan tries to locate Satan Junior's real family. Meanwhile, Thomas and Edith are held prisoner by Joan of Arc, who is not in the first flush of youth.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Thursday 12th March 2009

Why has a baby ended up in Hell? Only God has the power to bring people back to life, but can he be persuaded?


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Thursday 19th March 2009

Satan has become a one-man adoption agency while his chief demon is reading Penelope Leach. But can Satan place the baby with a good family?


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Thursday 26th March 2009

Satan has worked how to return Baby Patrick to Earth behind God's back. But God has eyes in his back and is now feeling pretty wrathful.


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