Old Harry's Game. Image shows from L to R: Satan (Andy Hamilton), Gary (Steven O'Donnell). Copyright: BBC.

Old Harry's Game

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about Satan. 46 episodes (7 series), 1995 - 2012. Stars Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville, Steven O'Donnell and others.

Series 7, Episode 5 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra tomorrow at 11pm.

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Series 1 (1995)

The first series introduces the listener to Satan's world via its two newest arrivals - Professor Richard Whittingham and Thomas Quentin Crimp. In this series Satan is assisted by a demon called Gary.

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Series 2 (1998)

With Gary gone, Satan now needs to look for a new assistant. A grovelling demon called Scumspawn seems very keen to get the job, but Satan has other ideas.

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2002 Specials (2002)

The two Christmas specials broadcast at the end of 2002 concern themselves with Hell's newest arrival; a Salvation Army worker called Hope.

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Series 5 (2005)

Overcrowding becomes a problem in series five. With God not wanting to do anything about it, Satan must try and make the world a better place so that less people end up in hell.

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Series 6 (2007)

In series six The Professor has gone. Satan however soon has a new hobby, thanks to the arrival of a murdered historian called Edith Barrington. In return for writing a biography about him, Satan agrees to help discover who murdered her.

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