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Brown Bread podcast, hosted by Anneka Harry. Anneka Harry

Brown Bread

Anneka Harry is hopefully not going to die any time soon. But if she does she's got big plans for her own funeral (her mum's a Cemeteries Officer - she's had some top advice). In fact, it's going to be so awesome she's sorry she's going to miss it. In this comedy talk-show podcast, Anneka quizzes guests about bucket lists, biting the dust and beyond the grave. If you knew you were going to snuff it, what in Heaven's (or Hell's) name would you do? How would you like to be remembered if you were soon to be #BrownBread? Yes, it's about death... but IT'S A COMEDY!

Stephen Bailey

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  • Published: 13th June 2017
  • Length: 17 mins
  • Size: 40.1mb

It's the end of Series 1 and we've got none other than the Nation's Sweetheart, Stephen Bailey, in the studio! He and Anneka get to grips with how the 5:2 diet might ruin your last meal, whether he is an angel sent from Heaven and Zac Efron.

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Anneka Harry

Anneka Harry

Anneka is a comedy actor and writer who featured in ITV2's hit comedy show, Bad Bridesmaid. Anneka has most recently been working on a series for Radio 4 and is developing scripts for Channel 4 and ITV2.

@annekaharry   YouTube

Agent: Vivienne Clore


Producer: Louise-Afzal Faerkel
Music: Grace Savage
Post: Ben Worlidge
Photograph: Richard Davenport

Special thanks to Toast Rack bakery (Wandsworth Common)

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