Christian Talbot
Christian Talbot

Christian Talbot

  • Northern Irish
  • Stand-up comedian
Christian Talbot is a Northern Irish stand-up comedian.

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Northern Irish


Malcolm Hardee Awards 2014
Cunning Stunt: Winner
BBC New Comedy Award 2013
Main Prize: Heat two


Year Production Role
2018 Holt and Talbot: Mansplaining Feminism Self
2018 Christian Talbot: Desperately Seeking Approval Self
2017 Holt and Talbot Can't Stand the Sight of Each Other Self
2017 Christian Talbot Is A Work In Progress Self
2016 Every Day I Wake Up Hopeful Self
2016 Christian Talbot: C60 Self
2015 Christian Talbot is Shite at Being Irish Self
2014 Christian Talbot: Hello Cruel World Self
2013 BBC New Comedy Award - 2013
  1. E2 - Heat 2
2013 Funeral Addict Self
2013 Cheaper Than Therapy Self
2012 The Full Irish Self

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