Charlie Perkins

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Charlie Perkins is a writer, director, producer, editor and executive producer. She works at Blink Industries.

Known for


Year Production Role
2019 Sam Campbell: Get Real Dude Writer (Additional Material)
2019 Sam Campbell: Get Real Dude Producer
2019 Sam Campbell: Get Real Dude Editor
2019 The Paddock Producer
2019 The Paddock Edit Producer
2019 The Paddock Editor
2019 The Paddock Creator
2019 Whippersnap Executive Producer
2019 Sting Theory Producer
2019 Hamsbury Book Club 1st Assistant Director
2019 Hamsbury Book Club Producer
2018 Jarressey Producer
2018 Christopher Bliss: Handcuffs for Poltergeists Executive Producer
2018 Three Cool Days Producer
2017 Regular Producer
2016 2016: Year Friends Editor
2016 2016: Year Friends Producer
2015 Chain Reaction - Series 10 Producer
2014 Newsjack - Series 11 Producer
2014 Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section - Series 3 Producer
2014 Newsjack - Series 10 Producer

Non-comedy TV and film credits might be found here:
Charlie Perkins on IMDb

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