Hamsbury Book Club

Hamsbury is an unusual village full of unusual people and home to a weekly book club which is far from normal. Run by literary despot, Clark Cart, what should be a relaxing meet-up soon turns into a tense stand-off as rules are broken, drinks are spilt, and fibs are exposed. So welcome to Hamsbury. Now open your books!

To find out more about Hamsbury visit hamsbury.org. See also: the book club's website

Chris Hayward Clark Cart
Nico Tatarowicz Kenneth
Tony Wredden Burt
Carrie Cohen Betty
Hannah McClean Verity
Katy Wix Harriet
Lana Khammash Wendy
Youssef Kerkour George
Arnab Chanda Marcus
Annie McGrath Pig Parader
Chris Hayward Writer
Nick Collett Director
Charlie Perkins Producer
James Stevenson Bretton Executive Producer
Tom Stuart Executive Producer
James Studholme Executive Producer
Derek Collett Executive Producer
Chris Hayward Creator

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