Amy Hoggart.

Amy Hoggart

Amy Hoggart is an Anglo-American stand-up comedian and actress whose big break came with Almost Royal, a faux-reality show on BBC America. She is well-known across the pond as a regular correspondent on political satire programme Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Known for


Year Production Role
2021 What On Earth? With Count Binface General Waste
2017 Curious Under The Stars - Series 2 Diane
2015 Crackanory - Series 3
  1. E4 - The Last Laugh & Abattnoir
2015 Crackanory - Series 3
  1. E2 - The Catchment Area & The Frogbeast Of Pontfidd
2014 Crackanory - Series 2
  1. E5 - The Untangler & Murder He Wrote
2014 Almost Royal - Series 1 Poppy Carlton
2014 Almost Royal - Series 1 Writer
2013 Crackanory - Series 1
  1. E1 - Bitter Tweet & What Peebee Did Next
Peebee's Daughter
2013 Amy Hoggart As Pattie Brewster: Just A Normal Girl Doing A Cool Show Self
2012 Pattie Brewster's Friendship Venture (For Some Friends) Self
2011 Christmas For Two: Friends With You Self
2010 Laughter Shock Self
2010 Laughter Shock Writer

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