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You could make the argument that the sketch films were made up of the good stuff, cutting out the dross. But again, that depends on what you count as good or dross, and the films wouldn't exist if there wasn't some brilliant sketch material in the first place.


Yes I got rid of it. That's Palin, Idle, as yet no mention of Cleese, which is very surprising.

Liked that nudge nudge wink wink Idle one he turned into a biscuit ad.

Did something just happen here...?

No I merely deleted a post of mine because I didn't like the anorak it was wearing and that made Lofty's look stupid. Nothing sinister. No mention was made of Aidolf Hitler or anything like that, don't worry. :)

Ah okay. Good old Aidolf!


Apparently Hitler with firmly in the Palin camp.


stupid racist pillock

Hitler I mean, not Palin

I've no idea whether Palin is or has ever been a Nazi

although I've always had my suspisions

he's got shifty eyes....

Actually I remember Gilliam making a very good Nazi in one sketch. Let's face it, they were all good weren't they, them pyfons.

At their very best - genius

I reckon it would help if you watch them with someone who finds it funny. I'm a mopey tosser at the best of times when on my own, but if you watch a show with someone who genuinely finds it funny I think that does help. I think every one of us has a sort of sheep-ish aspect to us, and the sheep-ish aspect I'm thinking of is the aspect of following others (unless of course you are one particularly difficult/skeptical/cynical person). I have no doubt in my mind, however, that people take on other aspects of sheep but they can be discussed at a different time, because all this talk of sheep is making me hungry. I think I'll find a nice patch grass to nibble on.


I think ewe need to get back to your flock lofthouse.
Incidentally does anyone know the number for a shepherd?

I'm a big fan of Python but around 60-75% of the original TV series aren't that good. Mind you, when they get it right they REALLY get it right.

Maybe the same way that these young hip musical dj's bring old songs back with a new life, some young funky video editor can bring a new life to 'Python?

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