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Rising Damp

Rupert Rigsby is the grubby landlord of a seedy boarding house. His put-upon tenants inclue students Philip and Alan, and the glamourous Miss Jones

Yorkshire Comedy Pilots
1974 - 1978  (ITV)
28 (pilot + 4 series)
Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour, Richard Beckinsale, Don Warrington, Gay Rose
Eric Chappell
Yorkshire Television

An unnamed northern university town is home to Rupert Rigsby, landlord of arguably the seediest, most run-down boarding house that England has to offer. His unlucky tenants include Ruth Jones, an administrator at the university; Alan, a medical student; and Philip, who is studying town and country planning.

Between them, Alan and Philip are the focus and foil of the majority of Rigsby's many prejudices, usually at the expense of his dignity and standing in the eyes of Miss Jones, with whom he is hopelessly and pathetically in love.

Our Review: Arguably ITV's best - and almost certainly most highly respected - sitcom to date, Rising Damp continues to shine as a masterwork, a real highlight in the careers of all involved.

Leonard Rossiter leads the excellent cast with his scene-stealing performances as near-tyrannical landlord Rigsby; particular magic is created when sharing a scene with Alan (Richard Beckinsale). Writer Eric Chappell's fabulous dialogue shines to this day. There's really not much more we can say - it's just a fantastic sitcom all-round.