Rising Damp. Rupert Rigsby (Leonard Rossiter). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

Rising Damp

ITV sitcom about a bad landlord. 28 episodes (pilot + 4 series), 1974 - 1978. Stars Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour, Richard Beckinsale, Don Warrington and Gay Rose.

Series 1, Episode 4 is repeated on ITV3 tomorrow at 6:25am.


Rigsby and Miss Jones discuss changes in the course of young love since their own youth

Ruth: "Just because they're taking the pill, Mr Rigsby, it doesn't mean they're doing anything wrong. It's a precaution - after all, you pay fire insurance but you don't expect the house to burn down."

Rigsby: "Yes, but you are supposed to try and extinguish the blaze, Miss Jones - not lie back and enjoy it."

in Series 3, Episode 6