Mrs. Brown's Boys. Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Two more Christmas specials to be made for end of 2014

Mrs. Brown's Boys

Two more Christmas specials to be made for end of 2014.

Sitcom adaptation of the popular live stage show starring Brendan O'Carroll as aged housewife Agnes Brown

2011 - 2013  (BBC One)
23 (3 series)
Brendan O'Carroll, Dermot O'Neill, Eilish O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Houlihan, Rory Cowan, Pat Shields, Danny O'Carroll, Fiona O'Carroll, Amanda Woods, Sorcha Cusack
Brendan O'Carroll
British Broadcasting Corporation
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Irish comedian Brendan O'Carroll stars as Agnes Brown in Mrs. Brown's Boys. Ireland's funniest and proudest mother, Agnes Brown, is a foul-mouthed Dublin matriarch who interferes in the lives of her children and friends.

The theatre show Mrs. Brown's Boys has been a sell-out success for a number of years in Ireland and the north of Britain, and this series, specially written by Brendan for the BBC, is jam-packed with all the laughs, surprises and drama of Mrs Brown on stage. Prepare for a riot of bad behaviour as Agnes offers help and advice to her family and friends.

Our Review: Mrs. Brown's Boys has proved heavily divisive. Whilst audience appreciation ratings and viewing figures shoot through the roof (the 2012 Christmas specials were watched by over 11 million viewers), it's rare to find a critic who isn't eager to rip the series to pieces.

Here at the British Comedy Guide, we're divided on the series. Whilst it's provided some great laughs all-round, other aspects of the show don't feel like they work quite as well: some of the apparent 'mistakes' seem all-too-scripted, for example. We're also unsold on the breaking of the fourth-wall. Whilst some shows do it really well, we're not convinced that it feels right in Mrs. Brown's Boys; a show that is otherwise a really quite traditional family-based studio sitcom.