Mongrels. Image shows from L to R: Destiny, Kali, Nelson, Marion. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


An adult puppet sitcom for BBC Three about a fox, a cat, a dog and a pigeon who hang out together in an inner-city yard

We Are Mongrels (Working Title); The Un-Natural World (Working Title)
2010 - 2011  (BBC Three)
19 (pilot + 2 series)
Rufus Jones, Lucy Montgomery, Katy Brand, Dan Tetsell, Paul Kaye, Tony Way, Ruth Bratt, Felix Dexter
Adam Miller, Jon Brown, Daniel Peak, Paul Doolan, Dan Tetsell, Danielle Ward, Henry White
British Broadcasting Corporation

Mongrels is an puppet comedy featuring adult humour. It tells the tale of a group of urban animals who hang out together an inner-city backyard.

The sitcom follows the day-to-day lives, trials and tribulations of Nelson, a metrosexual fox; Destiny, a pretentious pedigree 'it-bitch'; Kali, a deeply cynical pigeon; Marion, an abandoned tom cat; and Vince, a streetwise geezer fox. They are kidults struggling with the everyday drama of life in the back-alleys of the urban jungle.

Mongrels is bold, mischievous, upbeat, surprising and colourful. It encompasses all human life, love and its contradictions - relationships, sex, aspirations, desperations and shattered dreams. The show also features cut-aways and flashbacks (a bit like Family Guy), musical songs and cameo appearances.

On the 18th of January 2012, it was announced that Mongrels would not return for a third series.

Our Review: It took us a little while to get into this sitcom as there's something a bit distracting about seeing the puppets talk - but we're glad we stuck with it as Mongrels is packed full of fun characters, neat gags, amusing plot ideas, toe tapping musical numbers and character-assassinating cameos.

Be warned: contrary to appearances, this isn't a comedy for kids - and perhaps not for some adults either! It's got some rude words in it, lots of death, some close-to-the-bone jokes and other such things that stop it from ever approaching PG territory. For example: the first episode starts with a cat giving mouth-to-mouth to a dead granny.

It's not all perfect, but we think overall this has enough laughs and lovable rogues in it to capture a big audience.