Mongrels. Image shows from L to R: Destiny, Nelson, Kali, Marion, Vince. Copyright: BBC.


BBC Three sitcom animals in London. 17 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2010 - 2011. Stars Tony Way, Rufus Jones, Lucy Montgomery, Katy Brand and others.

Press Clippings

Mongrels puppeteers to be guests at "furry" convention

FurCon (Further Confusion) is one of the world's largest anthropomorphic (or "furry") conventions, and is now in its fifteenth year. This year, two of the puppeteers from Mongrels will be appearing at the event!

The Velvet Onion, 9th January 2015

Mongrels series two DVD and Blu-Ray release cancelled

The Velvet Onion can confirm that the proposed dvd and blu-ray release of Mongrels Series 2 has been scrapped.

The Velvet Onion, 17th May 2012

BBC axes puppet sitcom Mongrels

BBC Three has declined to commission a third series of Mongrels, its animal-based puppet sitcom.

British Comedy Guide, 18th January 2012

Hulu to air U.K. puppet comedy 'Mongrels'

BBC Worldwide America said on Monday that the first two seasons of its British puppet comedy series Mongrels will be available on America's Hulu Web site.

UPI, 13th December 2011

Meet the Mongrels - Britain's most irreverent puppets

Mongrels is a show that fits somewhere between The Muppets and Family Guy and Sesame Street; That is, if everyone on Sesame Street were Oscar the Grouch, was British with an accent, and repeatedly taught you swear words you've never heard before. Oh yeah - and did I mention the stars of Mongrels are puppets?

Ben Collins, The Hulu Blog, 28th November 2011

Mongrels live chat

Fresh off the back of appearing on Scott Mills' Radio 1 Show this afternoon, Marion from Mongrels will be joining us for a live chat after the show at 11pm!

Jaine Sykes, BBC Comedy, 28th November 2011

Mongrels series 2 episode 4 review

I was completely and utterly wrong. This episode is certainly the best of Series 2 so far and, without doubt, lives up Series 1.

James T Cornish, Den Of Geek, 24th November 2011

Mongrels series 2 episodes 3 review

On the whole, it's a good episode, but the series seems to be struggling a little and isn't yet on a par with Series 1.

James T. Cornish, Den Of Geek, 17th November 2011

Mongrels live chat

Nelson and Marion are here to answer your questions on Monday 14 November at 11pm.

Mars Elkins, BBC, 14th November 2011

Mongrels - Definitely not the Muppets

Reminiscent of one of the all-time great movies, The Player, there are times that you'd like to be a fly on the wall in a pitch meeting trying to convince studio heads that your idea is the next Seinfeld, ER or Desperate Housewives. Imagine your pitch to the BBC commissioners for a series called Mongrels.

Bill Young, Tellyspotting, 14th November 2011