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Series 1 (2004)

1. Caroline's First Day

First Broadcast: Fri 3rd September 2004

It is Dr. Caroline Todd's first day at the East Hampton Hospital Trust, but things don't start terribly well for her. Mac and Statham enjoy some banter, Martin looks up his old school friends online, Guy eats some coffee and Joanna has some fun on a vibrating bed.

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2. Rumours

First Broadcast: Fri 10th September 2004

After spending the night at Guy's flat, Caroline finds herself subject to rumours that she had sex with him. Statham tries to get his white coat to flow more, Mac finds out that his ex-girlfriend Holly is getting married, and Martin has problems with the cleaners moving his yoghurt.

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3. Lodgers

First Broadcast: Fri 17th September 2004

Caroline tries to find a lodger for her house, but the only people who apply are a bunch of loonies and Angela. Joanna decides to attract the attention of Lyndon Jones, the Head of IT. Mac also discovers that Holly is now pregnant.

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4. Joanna's Birthday

First Broadcast: Fri 24th September 2004

It's Joanna's 48th birthday, something she is not keen on anyone else knowing about. Alan gives him a locket as a present, but there is something unpleasant inside it. Caroline discovers a league table of all the women in the hospital made by Guy, and Martin has trouble with his mother... whoever she is.

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5. Housewarming Party

First Broadcast: Fri 1st October 2004

Caroline decides to have a housewarming party, inviting several of her hospital friends (and Angela). Sue takes Martin out clothes shopping for the party, and Alan decides to spice up his sex life by "kidnapping" Joanna.

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6. Tests

First Broadcast: Fri 8th October 2004

Martin is about to sit an exam (again) and is worried that he is going to fail (again). Harriet and Joanna both think they are pregnant so have pregancy tests, but their results get mixed up. Mac goes for a job interview to become a consultant.

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7. Tangled Webs

First Broadcast: Fri 15th October 2004

Now dumped by Joanna, Alan tries to find something else to take his mind off things, so he tries religion, under the guidance of the rather attractive hospital chaplin. Martin gets his exams results back but is too nervous to read them, and Guy prepares for his World Guyball Championship semi-final.

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8. Slave Auction

First Broadcast: Fri 22nd October 2004

East Hampton is holding a slave auction to raise some money, with Caroline, Guy, Lyndon and Alan putting their names down as auction lots. Mac reveals that his has got a new job, but it is in Sheffield and has to move. Sue learns of Caroline's love for Mac and decides to stop her - by killing her.

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9. Emergency

First Broadcast: Fri 29th October 2004

Before Mac leaves he gives Guy one last bet - that he cannot have sex with Joanna. Martin decides to get his revenge on Guy by opening his post, but when he does he uncovers a horrible secret. These two situations combine leading to a incident involving Guy, Mac, Martin, botox, an ambulance, a field full of sheep and a cliff.

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