Old Harry's Game

The radio sitcom from Hell - literally. Written by and starring Andy Hamilton as the underworld-weary Satan

1995 - 2012  (BBC Radio 4)
46 (7 series)
Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville, Steven O'Donnell, Robert Duncan, Annette Crosbie, Philip Pope, Michael Fenton Stevens, Felicity Montagu, David Swift, Nick Revell
Andy Hamilton
British Broadcasting Corporation

Life is not easy. Spending eternity in a place filled with fire and brimstone while the bottom half of you has been turned into a goat is even worse, but that is what Satan has to put up with.

Satan is somewhat world-weary (or rather underworld-weary), and spends most of his time torturing Thomas Quentin Crimp, the evilest human in the world, ignoring his sycophantic and grotesque assistant Scumspawn, and trying to argue with the Professor, a kind human who was sent to Hell because he was an atheist.

Our Review: A not-surprisingly dark series with great moments of satire from the co-creator of Drop The Dead Donkey. One of the most successful radio sitcoms of modern times, having now run for seven series and a number of revival specials, it has won a British Comedy Award and a Sony Award.