Utterly Outrageous Comedy. Abigoliah Schamaun. Copyright: Spelthorne Community Television.

Utterly Outrageous Comedy

Channel 5 documentary series exploring boundary-pushing comedy. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Features Abigoliah Schamaun, David Quantick, Grace Dent, Jamie East and Jennifer Saunders.

Episode 1 is repeated on Comedy Central on Thursday at 12am.

Series 1

1. Sex

First broadcast: Sunday 9th June 2019

The first episode looks back on Little Britain, Lily Savage, and an infamous Christmas episode of Men Behaving Badly, as well as stand-up performances by Sarah Millican and Steve Coogan. Featuring contributions from comedian Katy Brand, columnist Grace Dent, and Rev Richard Coles.


2. Celebrity & Politics

First broadcast: Sunday 30th June 2019

Jennifer Saunders narrates a look at the most shocking and outlandish comedy ever seen on TV. Clips come from Dame Edna's show, Shooting Stars, Mrs Merton and Extras. Plus, Harry Enfield, Ali G, the Pub Landlord and The Day Today.

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3. Religion & Death

First broadcast: Sunday 7th July 2019

On the theme of religion there are clips from Spitting Image and Outnumbered, plus Frankie Boyle on the Pope; whilst death is covered by a Monty Python sketch which was nearly banned, Billy Connolly on medical examinations and Joan Rivers on old people.


4. Women & Sex

First broadcast: Sunday 14th July 2019

Jennifer Saunders narrates a look at comedy involving women and sex.

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