The New Statesman. Alan B'Stard MP (Rik Mayall). Copyright: Alomo Productions / Yorkshire Television.

The New Statesman (1987)

ITV sitcom about a ruthless politician. 28 episodes (4 series), 1987 - 1994. Stars Rik Mayall, Michael Troughton, Marsha Fitzalan, Rowena Cooper and others.

Series 2

1. Fatal Extraction

First broadcast: Sunday 15th January 1989

Alan discovers millions of pounds worth of oil is contained deep under Hackney Marshes and sets about trying to claim it for his own gain. In order to do so, he proposes bold constitutional reform...


2. Live From Westminster

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd January 1989

Alan's charisma and ruthlessness have let his fame grow: but now he's known as the most charismatic Member of the House Maggie decides he needs to be taken down a notch, and reminded that no MP is bigger than the party.


3. A Wapping Conspiracy

First broadcast: Sunday 29th January 1989

A cog is thrown in the works of Alan's womanising plans when a large newspaper scandal breaks arouns him.


4. The Haltemprice Bunker

First broadcast: Sunday 5th February 1989

In his latest drive for even greater fame and fortune, Alan sets about unmasking a Nazi he happens to know is hiding in Britain.


5. California Here I Come

First broadcast: Sunday 12th February 1989

Alan and Piers are in California hoping to sell a Westminster-based TV series to who they believe to be a gullible American producer. But, as usual, Alan's libido - and a little white powder - gets the better of him.


6. May The Best Man Win

First broadcast: Sunday 19th February 1989

Piers is engaged; to a beautiful, motorcycle-riding aristocrat. Alan is outraged - has he finally met his match?


7. Piers Of The Realm

First broadcast: Sunday 26th February 1989

With Alan away, Piers is promoted to Junior Housing Minister. Upon his return, Alan's shock is equalled only by his outrage. But it seems someone else has a score to settle...


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