The League Of Gentlemen. Image shows from L to R: Tubbs (Steve Pemberton), Edward (Reece Shearsmith). Copyright: BBC.

The League Of Gentlemen

BBC Two sitcom / sketch show set in an odd town. 22 episodes (3 series), 1999 - 2017. Stars Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton.

Press Clippings

Poll reveals the best sitcom Christmas specials

The finale of The Office has been voted as the best TV Christmas sitcom special by readers of Radio Times.

British Comedy Guide, 11th December 2019

How the Edinburgh Fringe transformed TV comedy

As the Edinburgh Fringe begins again, we examine how the festival spawned shows like Taskmaster, Fleabag, and The League Of Gentlemen...

Mark Harrison, Den Of Geek, 2nd August 2019

An Audience with The League of Gentlemen transcript

A transcript of two interviews - and an audience Q&A - with The League of Gentlemen.

Dodo's Words, 17th December 2018

Mark Gatiss: TLOG was a premonition of Brexit

After a turn on stage as George III, the co-founder of the League is returning to horror to recreate Dracula for TV. What he finds 'frightening and debilitating' now, though, is leaving the EU.

Arifa Akbar, The Guardian, 2nd November 2018

League Of Gentlemen release vinyl collection

A vinyl collection of The League Of Gentlemen material, Special Stuff, is to be released in November.

British Comedy Guide, 10th August 2018

Full comedy series now available on BBC iPlayer

The BBC has made all the episode of several of its comedy series available via BBC iPlayer. Viewers can enjoy The League Of Gentlemen, Extras, Miranda, Citizen Khan[/z] and Two Pints Of Lager in full.

British Comedy Guide, 8th June 2018

LOG and the science of how comedy can age well

Through comedies we learn to "grow up" and invest in the culture we're born into. And, more importantly, comedies are how we "grow out" of this parent culture and leave it behind - sitcoms end often within a decade of airing. So what does it mean when characters return from the past and start saying things we'd really rather they didn't? One particular sitcom to have faced this problem and handled it with pathos is The League Of Gentlemen.

Daniel R. Smith, The Conversation, 14th February 2018

The best 90s TV comedies to revisit on Netflix

Here are the best TV comedies of the 90s to watch on the streaming service.

Alex Nelson, i Newspaper, 8th February 2018 Awards 2017 shortlist

The shortlisted TV and radio shows for the Awards 2017 have been announced. 60 programmes are in the running for the Comedy Of The Year title.

British Comedy Guide, 15th January 2018

When good TV goes bad: The League of Gentlemen Series 3

After two successful seasons, the eccentric sketch show adopted an ambitious concept for the third - at the expense of its best gags.

JR Moores, The Guardian, 8th January 2018