The Emily Atack Show. Emily Atack. Copyright: Monkey Kingdom
The Emily Atack Show

The Emily Atack Show

  • TV stand-up / sketch show
  • ITV2
  • 2020 - 2022
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

Emily Atack presents her own thematic stand-up and sketch show hybrid. Also features Cole Anderson-James, Colin Hoult, Maddy Anholt, Camille Ucan, Ambreen Razia and more.

  • Series 3, Episode 1 repeated Friday 8th March at 1:55am on ITV2
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 6,210

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Series 1, Episode 1 - Dating

The Emily Atack Show. Emily Atack. Copyright: Monkey Kingdom
Emily tackles the theme of dating, and opens up about her own experiences, from being single to one-night stands, and also shares her top tips for flirting.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 4th November 2020
50 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 6th November 2020 12:40am ITV2
Sunday 8th November 2020 1:40am ITV2
Monday 12th July 2021 10:05pm ITV2
Monday 19th July 2021 2:25am ITV2
Friday 27th August 2021 2:35am ITV2
Saturday 8th January 2022 2:20am ITV2
Monday 23rd May 2022 1:35am ITV2
Wednesday 25th May 2022 2:20am ITV2
Tuesday 15th November 2022 1:30am ITV2

Cast & crew

Emily Atack Host / Presenter
Cole Anderson-James (as Cole Anderson) Fit Jason
Colin Hoult Ensemble Actor
Camille Ucan Ensemble Actor
Ambreen Razia Ensemble Actor
Amy Gledhill Ensemble Actor
Bryony Twydle Ensemble Actor
Holli Dempsey Ensemble Actor
Melanie Kilburn Ensemble Actor
Shiloh Coke Ensemble Actor
Stevie Martin Ensemble Actor
Guest cast
Bobby Lockwood Ensemble Actor
Lloyd James Ensemble Actor
Melissa James Ensemble Actor
Will Higginson Ensemble Actor
Writing team
Emily Atack Writer
Ben Clark (as Ben Clarke) Writer
Celeste Dring Writer
Freya Parker Writer
James Farmer Writer
Hannah George Writer
Sarah Morgan Writer
Steve Dunne Writer
Tasha Dhanraj Writer
Production team
Tommy Forbes Director
Jeanette Goulbourn Director
Mia Cross Series Producer
David Granger Executive Producer
Andy Charles Smith Executive Producer
Gerch Ibrahim Line Producer
Chris Kenyon Editor
Justin James Editor
Nigel Williams Editor
Jade Mortimer Production Designer
Jeff Sherriff Production Designer
Olly Wiggins Director of Photography
Matt Ingham Director of Photography
Stuart Pring Lighting Designer
George Williams Composer
Dave Whyte Graphics


TV review: The Emily Atack Show series 1 episode 1

There's been many a show that's been a mixture of stand up and sketch comedy, dating back to the sixties and quite possibly before then, and yes, I should probably research this a little more but a couple of minutes of googling hasn't revealed anything before that. Anyhow, the point is that it's a format that many have relied on and Emily Atack is just the latest of hundreds to do so, yet unfortunately it's a very predictable affair and doesn't do anything that hasn't been done many a time before.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 5th November 2020

Review: The Emily Atack Show

Emily Atack is finally transcending 'the girl from The Inbetweeners'.

Emily Baker, i Newspaper, 5th November 2020

Review: The Emily Atack Show

To be truly patronising the following sentence should really have those handclap emojis between each word. Can TV executives stick to giving stand-up shows to actual stand-ups?

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 4th November 2020

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