TV schedule Wednesday 11th May 2022

Richard Hammond's Brain Reaction. Image shows from L to R: Lou Sanders, David Baddiel

Richard Hammond's Brain Reaction

Episode 5 - Episode Five

David Baddiel, standing in for Johnny Vegas, goes head to head with Victoria Coren Mitchell. Guests Bobby Mair and Lou Sanders join the fun, while comedian and brainiac Ria Lina tries to keep things on track.

Inside No. 9. Image shows from L to R: Barnaby (Reece Shearsmith), Matilda (Siobhan Redmond), Kat (Sophie Okonedo), Ezra (Steve Pemberton), Phillipa (Robin Weaver)

Inside No. 9

Series 7, Episode 3 - Nine Lives Kat

Hard-as-nails Detective Inspector Katrina, a divorcee and single mum, is determined to crack the case of the missing boy. But there's also her drinking, her love life and her inner demons. She doesn't want help, but it turns up anyway.

The Island. Image shows from L to R: Sara Pascoe, Ahir Shah

The Island

Episode 8 - Episode Eight

It's finale time, who will be crowned the winner? And are some of the comedians' choices about to come back and haunt them? Yes. Yes they are.

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