TV schedule Tuesday 10th May 2022

Derry Girls. Image shows from L to R: Ma Mary (Tara Lynne O'Neill), Aunt Sarah (Kathy Kiera Clarke)

Derry Girls

Series 3, Episode 5 - The Reunion

Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah are determined to put on a good show as they prepare for the highly anticipated class of 1977 school reunion. It seems like only yesterday that their own gang were beyond excited about the leavers' party. But will the truth come out about what really happened on that fateful night 20 years ago?

Hullraisers. Image shows from L to R: Toni (Leah Brotherhead), Rana (Taj Atwal), Paula (Sinead Matthews)


Episode 5 - Breadcakes

When the smug 'super-Dad' in charge of the pre-school PTA insinuates that Toni doesn't contribute - or get much acting work - Toni offers to run a baked-goods stall at the school fair. Only she can't bake.

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