Mock The Week. Image shows from L to R: Hugh Dennis, Dara O Briain.

Mock The Week

BBC Two panel show about the week's topical news. 182 episodes (19 series), 2005 - 2021. Stars Dara O Briain, Hugh Dennis, Andy Parsons, Frankie Boyle and others.

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Press Clippings

O Briain: Bias objections are about news, not comedy

Mock The Week host Dara O Briain has dismissed the "frankly, mind-numbing" debate about whether the BBC show is too left-wing.

Yahoo, 2nd October 2020

The BBC's bid to axe left-wing comedy will fail

From Punch in the 19th century to P. J. O'Rourke to Auberon Waugh to Craig Brown to Titania McGrath, if it's grown-up, nuanced political humour and satire you want, refer to books, newspapers, magazines or the internet. Let the lefties have the airwaves.

Patrick West, The Spectator, 3rd September 2020

Shappi Khorsandi on the BBC and right-wing comedy

High on Tim Davie's list of shows deemed 'too left-wing' is Mock The Week. When I was on the show, I was told I must do my 'Iranian material' - that didn't feel left-wing to me.

Shappi Khorsandi, The Independent, 1st September 2020

BBC's new boss threatens to axe Left-wing comedy shows

New Director-General Tim Davie believes the BBC's comedy output is seen as too one-sided, and unfairly biased against the Tories, Donald Trump and Brexit.

Bill Gardner, The Telegraph, 31st August 2020

Katherine Ryan denounces Mock The Week's tokenistic booking policy

Katherine Ryan has revealed that she no longer appears on Mock The Week because of the satirical panel show's tokenistic booking policy towards female comedians.

British Comedy Guide, 25th June 2020 Awards 2019 shortlist

60 TV and radio programmes have been shortlisted across 10 categories for the Awards 2019. Voting is now open to determine the winners.

British Comedy Guide, 13th January 2020

Dara O Briain on comedy, Twitter and Mock The Week

With a new series of Mock The Week underway, Dara O Briain discusses the show's remarkable longevity, as well as the shifting landscape of comedy.

Paul Nolan, Hot Press, 13th November 2019

How Boyle leaving turned MTW into corporate conference

After 14 years, and following the departure of some key players, the show has all the satirical bite of a gummy turtle hatchling.

Michael Hogan, The Guardian, 11th November 2019 Awards 2018 shortlist

The shortlisted TV and radio shows for the Awards 2018 have been announced. 60 programmes are now in the running for the Comedy Of The Year title.

British Comedy Guide, 21st January 2019

Dara O'Briain on why comedians are reluctant to do MTW

Mock The Week has been a TV comedy staple for well over a decade. But, its host explains, comedians aren't always enthusiastic to appear.

Steven McIntosh, BBC, 25th September 2018