"Union man" Miles Jupp refused to Mock The Week in advance

Saturday 27th January 2024, 10:12am by Jay Richardson

Mock The Week. Miles Jupp

Mock The Week was a bit Scooge-y when it came to recording Christmas episodes it has emerged.

Reminiscing with his co-host Rob Beckett and guest Miles Jupp on their Parenting Hell podcast, Josh Widdicombe has revealed that the topical BBC Two show would ask the panel a festive question each week that would later be "cut together for the Christmas special.

"But then we never got paid for the Christmas special" he claimed. "Miles would refuse to speak during the Christmas story because we weren't being paid. Do you remember that Miles?"

"I'm a union man" Jupp responded simply.

"It was cheeky though wasn't it?" added Beckett.

"I did think it was cheeky" Jupp concluded. "Also, they came in and said, 'can you do this round about the Olympics?' We went 'oh, right?' 'Yeah, it's for next week's show.'

"'But I don't ... I don't think I'm on next week's show ...'"

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